Embracing Your Life

Invest in quality content by deciding how you would like to grow your brand.

What’s Included Per Season:

  • Company name in season opening and closing credits
  • Dedicated social media post 3 times a week, i.e. “This
    post made possible by”
  • Your product prominently placed in show episode(s)
  • 30 second commercial ad
  • Opportunity for on location filming
  • Guest appearance on Conversations with Verdel Jones
  • Prominent banner display on Verdel Jones website –
    with a reciprocal link to your company website
  • Exclusive invitation to personal appearances and events
  • Promo code opportunities for our viewers
  • Feature article in Shades of Long Island
  • Cross promotional opportunities





See the full list of advertising opportunities for Conversations With Verdel Jones here.

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